How to Achieve the Best Possible Results With Your PR Firm | Social Media and Healthcare |

PR can be an incredibly powerful channel for startups, yet they often cause frustrations and few results.


The difference between successful results and complete failure often hinges on an effective evaluation during the hiring process. Here’s how:

Set realistic KPIs

72% of PR pros said measuring business impact is currently the top challenge facing the industry.

The byproduct of classic PR is media hits, which are partially dependent on news and data from the company and often an immeasurable part of a prospect’s journey. If you need concrete and trackable KPIs beyond “we’ll get you X hits a month on average” to justify your budget or simply peace of mind, consider firms that are able to provide content marketing and social media services that can be clearly measured.


Make sure you have the right team

Big agencies and boutique ones can both do a great job, but the most important thing is understanding the team you’re getting and their processes. Many agencies are, understandably, built for scale, but what often happens is they provide a bucket of hours at an exorbitant price, or they have an inexperienced, overburdened account coordinator doing the bulk of the work. Try to make sure you have people on the team who are experienced and will be hands-on, even if it means paying a bit extra.