An  Email Marketing Checklist for Successful Campaigns | Social Media and Healthcare |

Email marketing requires a lot of careful planning and execution. Here is a 30 point email marketing checklist to help you get it just right and achieve a great ROI.


1. Avoid Spam Filters
2. Send Relevant Content
3. Optimize for Plain Text
4. Include Sharing Buttons
5. Create Exclusive Offers
6. Length - Keep it short
7. Take Feedback
8. Avoid Generic Templates
9. Choose a Professional Email Address
10. Be Frequent/ Be Consistent
11. Provide Something of Value
12. Never Use All-Caps
13. Put Your Audience First
14. Develop a Unique Voice
15. Links and Subject Lines
16. Clear Email Address
17. Images and CTA
18. Email Preview Across Devices
19. Tablet and Mobile Testing
20. Sending Time
21. Email Metrics and Analysis
22. Engaging Copy
23. Campaign Goals
24. Avoid bombarding your subscribers with mails
25. Segmentat
26. Personalize
27. Always provide the Unsubscribe Link
28. Proofread and Edit before sending
29. Set up Your Autoresponders
30. Monitor Your Email Bounce Rate


This checklist will help you to remain focused and on track without becoming distracted and unproductive. All you need to do is to implement every point listed out, and you'll be taking the email marketing system by its horns.


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