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Want more people to engage with your LinkedIn company page? Wondering how your employees can help?


While LinkedIn company pages are great for showcasing products and services and providing insight into the company itself, many page admins struggle to get engagement on the content they post.


If your employees use LinkedIn, encouraging them to engage with your company page and its content can yield significant results.

According to LinkedIn, on average, employees have 10 times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company page has followers.


In this article, you’ll discover how to create a LinkedIn company page strategy for more exposure and engagement.


#1: Leverage Employee Personal Profiles to Increase Company Page Visibility

Provide a Branded Cover Photo for Employees’ Personal Profile Introduction Cards

Contact Info

The Experience Section

#2: Find Relevant Content to Share From Employees Using the LinkedIn Teammates Feature

Use the LinkedIn Teammates Feature to Connect to Employees on LinkedIn

#3: Make Select Employees Content Admins for the Company Page

#4: Create a Dedicated Company Hashtag to Curate and Engage With Employee Content

Share Employee Content to Your Company Page

#5: Use the Notify Employees Feature to Alert Staff to Key Company Page Posts

#6: Encourage Employees to Engage With Posts on the Company Page

Tag Employees in Company Page Photo Posts

#7: Develop Company Page Content That Includes Your Employees

Feature Employees in LinkedIn Stories

Ask Employees to Host or Co-Host LinkedIn Company Page Events

Feature Employees in Company Page LinkedIn Live Q&As


Having a team strategy for your LinkedIn company page offers many benefits. When you showcase employees in the videos and posts on your page, you not only help them feel more engaged with the business but also provide them with content to share with their professional network.


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