Steps to Creating a Winning Keyword Database | Social Media and Healthcare |

Keyword databases are your secret weapon towards a perfect content strategy.


Keywords are search engine optimized terms that allow crawlers to determine what your content is about, and then rank them by comparing your content with other sites with similar keywords.


The right content marketing strategy that uses the power of keywords to the fullest will enable you and your brand to reach the audience that will ultimately make those conversions come frequently and quickly — that’s the ultimate goal, right?


the following seven steps will help you create a winning keyword database.

1. Find out who your audience is and what they want to know

Use Quora/Reddit to make a list of questions your audience is asking


2. Create a list of questions and categorize your keywords

Now that you have your initial question, you can create sub-questions. Sub-questions can branch into their own topics, from which you can create specific keywords.


3. Create a keyword list and answer your list of questions

Now start answering every question under every category. This will help you find the keywords that fit under each category.


4. Write your content with value in mind

Writing your content simply means writing the answers to the list of questions and sub-questions you’ve discovered and listed for yourself and your brand.


5. Check for the keyword search volume

Use Google AdWords.


6. Score your keywords properly

Prioritize your keywords. Score your keywords from 1-3 to keep it simple.


7. Prioritize constantly

Prune your keyword list regularly and always be on the lookout for new and existing keyword opportunities.


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