9 Ways to Improve your Instagram Reach | Social Media and Healthcare | Scoop.it

Do you want better reach on Instagram? Looking for tactics that work?

In this article, you’ll find nine ways to increase your Instagram reach.


#1: Use the Full Range of Instagram Post Formats

#2: Embrace Accessibility

#3: Turn on Sharing for Your Instagram Stories

#4: Enable Remixing for Instagram Reels

#5: Add Location Tags to Posts

#6: Enable Instagram Branded Content Tags

#7: Use Instagram Highlights to Maximize Content Value

#8: Give Followers a Reason to Post About Your Brand

#9: Test New Post Times and Frequencies on Instagram

Your followers are your best route to higher organic reach on Instagram. They have the potential to interact and share your social media content with a far wider audience than you could ever achieve on your own.


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