Social Media and Healthcare
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Social Media and Healthcare
Articles and Discussions on the  intersection of Social Media and Healthcare. Relevant to Healthcare Practitioners, Pharma', Insurance, Clinicians, Labs, Health IT Vendors, Health Marketeers, Health Policy Makers, Hospital Administrators.
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5 HubSpot features to streamline your workflows

5 HubSpot features to streamline your workflows | Social Media and Healthcare |

There's a lot you can do with HubSpot—you just need to know where to find everything. Here are five helpful HubSpot features to take advantage of.

Prep snippets for quick responses

Create Round Robin meeting links

Batch schedule tweets

Set up your chatbot for business hours 

Use lists to see which users are most active




nrip's insight:

We love hubspot. Its so much more than an inbound marketing and sales platform. Do you have any tips and tricks you use to make hubspot work for you? Comment below.


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Clubhouse vs. Podcasts: Which Should Marketers Use?

Clubhouse vs. Podcasts: Which Should Marketers Use? | Social Media and Healthcare |

Even though each audio tool is vastly different, they serve similar purposes.


Podcasts, at their core, are meant to inspire and provoke interesting conversations around a variety of topics, including crime shows, celebrity interviews, health and fitness, or business and entrepreneurship (to name a few).


Clubhouse operates on a similar principle: to encourage lively conversations and debates around a variety of niche topics. As Clubhouse Founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth have said, "The thing we love most is how voice can bring people together."

That message — of the importance of voice to bring people together — is just as true for podcasts as it is for Clubhouse.


Hear from a range of experts on both sides as we discuss which audio tool is better for businesses: Clubhouse or podcasts?

Why not both?

Of course, there's one other option we haven't yet considered: Should you try both?


Any good marketer knows the importance of testing out various channels and iterating on a marketing strategy over time based on those results. So, if you're unsure whether your audience prefers Clubhouse or podcasts, you might want to test both.


You might even find that both tools work well together to create a more cohesive, powerful marketing strategy. 


read the entire (and very long) piece at



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