Social Media and Healthcare
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Social Media and Healthcare
Articles and Discussions on the  intersection of Social Media and Healthcare. Relevant to Healthcare Practitioners, Pharma', Insurance, Clinicians, Labs, Health IT Vendors, Health Marketeers, Health Policy Makers, Hospital Administrators.
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Here's The Simple Secret To Apple's Marketing Success

Here's The Simple Secret To Apple's Marketing Success | Social Media and Healthcare |

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 1939

When did marketers start assuming that the way to stand out amidst loud and flashy advertising methods was to be even louder and flashier? We’re faced with increasing evidence, statistics, and research findings indicating that consumers are tired of being bombarded with extraneous information, which distracts rather than assists them in their buying decisions.

According to research done by CEB, the most effective way to reach consumers isn’t through elaborate and complex websites, ads or sales copy, but rather through simplifying the decision making process: in other words, presenting exactly what consumers need to know, while leaving out the rest. In fact, they found that companies who simplified and streamlined the decision making process for their customers were 86% more likely to make a sale.

The key to modern marketing? Simplicity.

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Online Database of Healthcare Social Media Policies

Online Database of Healthcare Social Media Policies | Social Media and Healthcare |

Healthcare social media policies from the largest online database of social media policies.

Superb curation worth bookmarking for all #hcsm enthusiasts

Amanda Wall's curator insight, November 6, 2014 10:23 AM

Recently in class we have been learning about the importance of a social media policy and how important they are to a company. This article has separate links to each individual company featured within the website and in return gives us access and insight into their Social Media Policy's.  Some of the well-known companies they feature are: Kodak, FedEx, American Red Cross and Apple


I think that it is important that all employees are made aware that these policies exist and aren't skipped over like an "I agree to the terms of service" button on most websites. Most people don't usually take the time to read these agreements, therefore, the should be short and to the point. A verbal as well as written agreement should be made between employers and employees. Or even Professors and Students. 

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