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New digital techniques, novel patient-centered healthcare services, and innovative approaches to communicating health issues are set to take the healthcare sector by storm asit begins to embrace the latest IT revolution.

“Compared with many other industries, pharma is still far behind in terms of harnessing the power of IT for consumer engagement and marketing purposes,” says Dr Emre Basar, a healthcare professional who is also an expert on digital communications. He speaks to eyeforpharma ahead of this presentation at the Multichannel Marketing Conference. 

What’s more, pharma companies need to run pretty fast to catch up if they want to be successful players in this landscape, according to the Medical Science Liaison for Rigosertib at Baxter International. “If pharma waits too long, global technology leaders such as Apple or Google and smaller internet firms will penetrate this growing market,” he predicts.

Patient empowerment is a key trend

“Digitization of the healthcare market will lead to empowerment for patients,” he stresses. “In the past, patients were very dependent on their doctors. Nowadays, patients are pretty well-informed and hence become more and more empowered.”

Patient empowerment will be enhanced by the spread of wearable technology. “Patients will be more independent. Pharma needs to address this trend because it is also a huge market opportunity for them.”

Disease awareness

outlining a disease as a story by combining a narrative structure with visual elements is “much more compelling than a 'simple' disease information website".

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