Social Media and Healthcare
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Social Media and Healthcare
Articles and Discussions on the  intersection of Social Media and Healthcare. Relevant to Healthcare Practitioners, Pharma', Insurance, Clinicians, Labs, Health IT Vendors, Health Marketeers, Health Policy Makers, Hospital Administrators.
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How to navigate the SEO landscape ?

How to navigate the SEO landscape ? | Social Media and Healthcare |

A lot of people have gone mobile and are spending a lot more time on the internet. Healthcare Marketers are now adjusting their marketing strategies to meet their customers where they are. They are now blending digitization with new techniques for greater productivity and effectiveness. A huge part of this strategic change is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


SEO is very important and any healthcare provider in the current digital first world, should be ensuring that their digital presence is updated in sync with the SEO changes that are affecting  search engine rankings.  Why SEO Changes? That's because Google algorithms keep changing regularly as it continues to interact with users and learn new ways to be more efficient.


A few of the pointers to keep in mind while running SEO programs are:


The BERT updates: BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representation from Transformers) is a Google A.I. tool to improve the accuracy of search results. BERT tries to understand the reasons why certain users search for a particular key-phrase, the meaning of the searches, and then identify the best results that will be of help to the user. updates by BERT will affect your SEO rankings if your content is not optimized properly to meet the BERT requirements.


The Uniqueness and Effectiveness of your Website: Over the years, Google has updated its algorithm to favor longer content that are unique, of good quality, and particularly relevant. This algorithm update is good for the healthcare industry because healthcare content is meant to be helpful and original.


The Mobile Responsiveness of Your Website: The world is going mobile and it has led to Google changing its algorithm to favor more mobile-friendly web pages. As a healthcare company, building your website to be mobile-friendly is one of the steps to ensuring your SEO is spot on. 



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DRC Virtual Solution's comment, April 20, 2021 11:30 AM
DRC Virtual Solution's comment, April 20, 2021 11:31 AM
SEO is really helpful...
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Should You Friend Your Patient On Facebook?

Should You Friend Your Patient On Facebook? | Social Media and Healthcare |

In the age of Social Media, the relationships between physicians and patients are changing. While there are no guidelines or laws on how to communicate with your patients online, the American College of Physicians (ACP) and Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) have recently come up with a framework. Their policy paper “Online Medical Professionalism: Patient and Public Relationships.” was released this week and delivers recommendations on when to observe social media profiles and when it’s better to pause before posting.

The guidelines point out that “it is paramount to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patient information, demonstrate respect for patients, ensure trust in physicians and in the medical profession, and establish appropriate boundaries.” Online communications may come with risks, but there are also a lot of good use cases for using those new outlets. Here are some detailed recommendations the ACP and FSMB give in their new publication:

  • Physicians should keep their professional and personal personas separate. Physicians should not “friend” or contact patients through personal social media.
  • Physicians should not use text messaging for medical interactions even with an established patient except with extreme caution and consent by the patient.
  • E-mail or other electronic communications should only be used by physicians within an established patient-physician relationship and with patient consent.
  • Situations in which a physician is approached through electronic means for clinical advice in the absence of a patient-physician relationship should be handled with judgment and usually should be addressed with encouragement that the individual schedule an office visit or, in the case of an urgent matter, go to the nearest emergency department.
  • Establishing a professional profile so that it “appears” first during a search, instead of a physician ranking site, can provide some measure of control that the information read by patients prior to the initial encounter or thereafter is accurate.
  • Many trainees may inadvertently harm their future careers by not responsibly posting material or actively policing their online content. Educational programs stressing a pro-active approach to digital image (online reputation) are good forums to introduce these potential repercussions.

While digital communication is encouraged, the study suggests to always do face-to-face follow-ups after you have checked in with your patient via email. Studies have shown that online conversations are often initiated by the patients sending friend requests to their doctors. The FSMB advises to refrain from adding patients on Facebook or other private networks. In terms of Googling patients, the report emphasizes that online research might bring up helpful insight about an individual, but the physician should always keep the intent of their Google search in mind.

With the rise of blogs and forums, doctors further have the opportunity on contributing to public health. Regarding physician-produced blogs, the framework suggests to avoid ranting and venting about the industry. Authors are advised to “pause before posting” controversial or negative content.

The full position paper has been published online by Annals of Internal Medicine. 

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